What is Tinkercad?

It's the easiest way to bring your 3D designs to life

  • Works on most devices

    Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Chromebooks, and more

  • Free

    It's 100% Free and safe for learners of all ages

  • Powerful

    It's amazingly capable, with loads of features. Model and 3D print, simulate, export for laser cutting, and more

Course curriculum

    1. 💡Build a Lighthouse 💡

    2. 🧪 Challenge - Build the Living Quarters for your Light House 🧪

    3. 🗝️ Make A Magnificent Keychain for 3D Printing 🗝️

    4. 🧪 Challenge: Custom Key Chain 🧪

    5. 🤟 Use Code to Create with Tinkercad Codeblocks 🤟

    6. 🧪 Challenge: Tinkercad Codeblocks Keychain 🧪

    7. 🔌 Use a Switch and a LED with Tinkercad Circuits 🔌

    8. 🧪 Challenge: Find and Share a Tinkercad Circuit Lesson with the group 🧪

    1. 📥 Create a Printable Storage Tray in about 10 Minutes 📥

    2. 🧪 Challenge: Make a Book Shelf with the Tinkercad Grid Tool 🧪

    3. ߷ Create a Gyro Fidget Spinner with Tinkercad Codeblocks ߷

    4. 🖨️ Modify a Thingiverse STL using Tinkercad 🖨️

    5. 🧪 Challenge: Terrific Things on Thingiverse 🧪

    6. 🛹 Create A Laser Cut Longboard 🛹

    1. Add Final Touches to a Tinkercad Creation in Fusion 360! 💯🤯

About this course

  • $49.99
  • 25 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Who's this course for?

Our Tinkercad course is perfect for beginners of all ages just getting into 3D modeling. It's project-based, step-by-step, and fully supported by a thriving community of other makers, mentors, graduates, and students. 

✅ Starts at the beginner level and doesn't assume any prior knowledge

✅ Project-based and sequential, building up your skills at the right time

✅ Great for people who want to get into 3D printing custom models

✅ Requires no "googling" or outside tutorial explanations

Meet your instructor

Master Tinkercad Instructor Mike Harmon

Mike is the Bob Ross of CAD (Tinkercad). He's the world's leading content creator for all things Tinkercad with over 40,000 subscribers on Youtube. He's a retired teacher and understands how to make lessons engaging and FUN. You may recognize him by his signature saying... "Let's. Get. CRACKIN'!"
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    CADclass runs on demand. Sign up now and receive immediate access to all training materials

  • Time

    Each lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

  • This Class is For

    Beginners & beyond. It starts simple and builds from there

  • Project Based

    You will make all CAD models completely from scratch. In addition to videos, each project has a PDF so you can easily follow along

  • Community

    Access a private community where you can ask questions about specific projects and get help from your peers and teachers

  • Support

    Call, email, join the private discussion forum, and get the help you need fast. (415) 941-4114. [email protected]


  • What do I need to get started?

    A computer, chromebook, or notebook :)

  • Who is Tinkercad for?

    Students and educators who are new to 3D modeling and not sure if they'd like to learn more advanced software. It's the easiest way to get started modeling FAST

  • Who is this Tinkercad course for?

    There is absolutely no experience is necessary to complete this course. It is designed to take you step-by-step through each project without skipping anything. By the end, you will have an thorough understanding about how to make your own models

  • Is this class for beginners?


  • What software do I need?

    Just Tinkercad. It's browser based, so no need to download anything

  • What if this video series doesn't work for me?

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with our videos, send us a note and we will refund you. We only want happy students