• 28 Projects

    Work through 28 step-by-step projects to go from beginner to pro in weeks, not years!

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    Get near real-time online feedback through a Discord Forum linked to each project.

  • Maximum Impact

    Are you a school, makerspace, or museum teaching a maker curriculum? This book can replace an entire year's curriculum.

Introduction to Fusion360 

- What is CAD? 

- The Fusion360 Interface 

- Intro to Sketches - The fundamental building block of Fusion360

- Intro to the Create menu

- Intro to the Modify menu

Chapter 1: How to design single parts 

- Mobius Strip

- Surfboard

- Fantasy Ring

- Filament Guide

Chapter 2: The basics of design using manufacturing principles 

- Plastic Building Brick

- Involute Gear

- Geocache Container

Chapter 3: How to customize your designs with dimensions and parameters 

- Metric Bolt

- Silicone Mold

Chapter 4: How to make your own blueprints 

- Lightsaber Emitter

- Drumsticks

Chapter 5: How to give your 3D models color, texture, and other appearances 

- Football

- Phone case and stand

Chapter 6: How to build your project with multiple parts 

- Fire Piston

- 3D Printer Hot End

Chapter 7: How to join parts for realistic movement 

- Pizza Cutter

- Tesla Turbine

Chapter 8: Learn how to manufacture your parts on a CNC machine with Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) 

- Longboard Skateboard

- Electric Guitar

Chapter 9: How to make your parts look photo-realistic 

- Edison Bulb

- A.I. Villian

Chapter 10: How to give your entire model movement using motion animation 

- Strandbeest

- Gear train

- Robotic Hand

Chapter 11: How to explode your project and rebuild them using exploded diagrams 

- Japanese Pull Saw

- Machinist Hammer

Chapter 12: Bring everything you've learned together in a final project 

- Space Prop Hilt